In July 2012, the publication of Safe & Humane, A New Vision was a key element of the public announcement of Kirkpatrick Foundation’s goal to make Oklahoma the safest and most humane place to be an animal by the year 2032. The start of this Safe & Humane initiative focused and broadened the foundation’s sixty-year history of supporting organizations to achieve a high standard of wellbeing for Oklahoma animals. Following this tradition, the initiative’s core vision is based in both compassion and logic.

Guided by the framework laid out in the 2012 publication, the foundation has since utilized the strategies of studying, convening, honoring, promoting, publishing, facilitating, and funding to improve both the lives of Oklahoma animals and, in turn, the people who care for them. Through this multipronged approach, the foundation strives to work closely with, learn from, and support
Oklahomans who devote time and skill to Oklahoma animals and who, in turn, create a culture of compassion.


To read the Safe & Humane: A New Vision, please click here.