The photograph above  was taken on November 7, 2017 at the Intersection conference and the unveiling of the Animal Friendly state license plate. Includes executive director Louisa McCune, students from Homer Elementary at Byng Public Schools in Ada, Oklahoma.



Kirkpatrick Foundation's history of animal-concerns giving began in 1963 with a $25,206 gift by John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick to the Oklahoma City Zoo. Over the past sixty years, the foundation has made grants to animal sanctuaries, humane societies, universities, and other research and non-profit institution. Through those grants, together with the work of dedicated individuals and groups, Oklahoma has seen positive change to the lives of Oklahoma animals.


The foundation's twenty year vision to elevate the lives of Oklahoma animals and people will only happen through the efforts and hard work of leaders from communities, organizations, non-profits, corporations, and individuals from across the state and nation. Since starting the initiative in 2012, Kirkpatrick Foundation has supported, among other grants and projects, the establishment and perpetuation of the Oklahoma LINK Coalition, the creation of Common Bonds to lower euthanasia rates of cats and dogs in the state, and the education the public on State Question 777 in the November 2016 election.

Kirkpatrick Foundation also takes part in two national philanthropy-serving organizations, Philanthropy Southwest and Animal Grantmakers. These national groups allow the foundation to be part of a larger conversation to advance animal wellbeing efforts in the state and throughout the world.