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On the Front Line

The Role of the Veterinarian: Reporting Animal Cruelty manual was a collaboration between Kirkpatrick Foundation and Animal Folks, a Minnesota based research-focused animal protection organization. The manual was originally developed by Animal Folks for Minnesota veterinarians and was adapted in 2017 for use of Oklahoma veterinarians. 

The manual was printed in early 2018 and immediately made available to the all board registered Oklahoma veterinarians at the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) annual conference in January 2018. Ann Olson, founder and executive director of Animal Folks, presented a session at the 2018 OVMA conference and answered any questions about the manual. 

Purpose of Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide explanations of law and supporting materials Oklahoma veterinarians can develop protocols for clinic or practice which can guide his or her actions should the veterinarian or others face a suspected or known case of animal neglect, cruelty, or abuse. In addition to establishing protocols, information within the manual can also be used by veterinarians when assisting law enforcement in the investigation of animal cruelty cases. This manual is slanted more to smaller companion animals, though many of the principles and procedures described are applicable to horses, farmed animals, exotic animals, and wildlife. The term “animal maltreatment” is used throughout this manual and is meant to encompass any type of cruelty, neglect, torture, abuse, or other crime against an animal.


Read it here >> The Role of the Veterinarian: Reporting Animal Cruelty