“Right to Farm or Right to Harm?

State Question (SQ) 777 appeared on the Oklahoma ballot on November 8, 2016, along with candidates for president. This bill would have affected everyone who lives in Oklahoma.


Kirkpatrick Foundation developed the goal to educate Oklahomans about what would happen if SQ 777 passed. How might our state's family farmers be affected? What about the safety of our drinking water? Would this have changed the way food animals are housed, slaughtered and processed—and what would that mean for the meat we eat? How might 777 influence foreign investment and foreign ownership of Oklahoma agricultural land? And, of equal importance, how has corporate agriculture influenced Oklahoma agricultural jobs? These questions and more were answered in the materials on this page below.

The Conversation
We intended for this to be a dialogue and realized this was a complex constitutional amendment with far-reaching consequences. If you have any remaining questions that aren't answered here, please let us know. For information on both sides of the issue, please visit oklahomarighttofarm.com or votenoon777.com and okfoodfarmfamily.com.