Kirkpatrick Foundation debuted the Safe & Humane twenty-year initiative in July 2012. The goal of the initiative is to make Oklahoma the safest and most humane place to be an animal by the year 2032. As the foundation staff, and our state, endeavor to reach this status, our approach is to improve the lives of Oklahoma animals and the people who care for them.


By minimizing animal suffering and elevating the standards of care, treatment, and welfare for all Oklahoma animals, we believe the condition of all Oklahoma citizens will be greatly improved. The six key elements we developed to achieve the twenty year goal include studying the needs of our animals, facilitating meetings of those individuals and organizations helping to achieve better animal wellbeing, recognizing those people who are contributing to positive movement in the lives of animal in Oklahoma, publishing information regarding the current status of animals and ways individuals can improve animal lives, convening a the triennial ANIMAL Conference to bring together animal advocates, and finally funding the work of non-profits, through grantmaking, to support programming that advances the vision.


Human and animal welfare is inextricably linked.  Because of this link and that Oklahoma communities view themselves as rooted in proud traditions of cooperation, commitment, and moral and ethical standards, we hope governments, businesses, organizations, and individuals will see the merits of this Safe & Humane approach to improved quality of life.